Fall in CT/Fall Bucket List

Fall in Connecticut? Magic! There likely isn’t a more celebrated region in the world for fall colors than New England in general, and the Constitution State offers a magnificent expression of that foliage extravaganza.


With accommodations at The Blake in New Haven, you’ve got front-row seats for absolutely homerun leaf peeping. A Connecticut getaway during the height of the autumn spectacle is definitely bucket-list material, and our boutique hotel provides an ideal H.Q.!

Fall Colors in Connecticut

A rich variety of deciduous tree and shrub species—maples, beeches, hickories, poplars, oaks, birches, sumacs, cherries, and more—and an auspicious geographic and climatic setting give Connecticut its world-class fall colors. The state tends to have a more drawn-out window for leaf peeping as compared to most other parts of New England, and our particular region along Long Island Sound, what with its southerly position and maritime-influenced climate, doesn’t tend to climax in fall hues until late October or early November.

The particular timing and intensity of fall colors shows plenty of variation from year to year. You can stay on top of current leaf-peeping conditions with the foliage-tracking map maintained by the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection—a great resource! 

Connecticut Leaf Peeping on a New Haven Stay at The Blake: From the Shores of the Sound to the Traprock Ridges

With a chic and pampered home base at The Blake this fall, you’ll be nicely poised to track down the season’s fiery canopies. The street trees of New Haven take their own vibrant turn, for one thing. You’ve also got the ample woods and far-reaching sightlines of West Rock and East Rock, some of the city’s beloved natural playgrounds, with all the more opportunities for leaf-peeping safaris northward along the traprock highlands to Sleeping Giant, the Hanging Hills, Ragged Mountain, and beyond. Or take a leisurely day trip along the Long Island Sound shore, reveling in the waterfront kaleidoscope of autumn.

Join us here at The Blake and appreciate Connecticut’s gorgeous fall colors, which hold their own with any in the world!